How to teach yourself Vocabulary Welcome to this lecture entitled “Examples in the classroom” So now that we’ve gone through phonetics and phonology, it’s time to look at teaching vocabulary Vocabulary can be difficult for learners because of: pronunciation, spelling, length and complexity, grammar, meaning, range (which means how wideRead More →

Spelling of Present Participle Learn English with Julia

Spelling of Present Participle / Spelling of the -ing Form Objectives of today’s lesson: In this lesson, Learn English with Julia presents to you “Spelling of Present Participle / Spelling of the -ing Form”, in order for you to: feel confident pronouncing and writing gerunds feel confident pronouncing and writing presentRead More →

Job Interview Tips Part 10 Stability and Flexibility Learn English with Julia

Job Interview Preparation Questions – 10 Stability, Flexibility & Stress Tolerance Here are some Job Interview preparation questions each followed by practical vocabulary. Job Interview Preparation Questions and key Vocabulary TALKING ABOUT STABILITY, FLEXIBILITY and STRESS TOLERANCE Describe your most noteworthy success & failure in the last three years.What do youRead More →