Grammar Course



All Tenses Review
Conditional Simple
Conditional Tenses
Future Continuous
Future Perfect Continuous
Future Perfect Simple
Future Simple with “going to”
Future Simple with “will”
Imperative Mood
Past Continuous or Past Progressive
Past Perfect Continuous
Past Simple or Simple Past of regular verbs
Past Simple vs Past Continuous
Past Simple vs Past Perfect Simple
Past Simple vs Present Perfect Simple

Present Perfect Continuous or Present Perfect Progressive
Present Perfect Continuous or Present Perfect Progressive Tense
Present Simple or Simple Present


Auxiliary Verbs or Helping Verbs
Modal Verbs – part 1
Modal Verbs – part 2
Phrasal Verbs – part 1
Phrasal Verbs – part 2
Prepositional Verbs or Verbs + Preposition
Verb “to be” (beginner level)
Verb “to be” (intermediate level)
Verbs + -ing Form
Verbs + (pro)noun + Infinitive with “to”
Verbs + Infinitive + “to” or “-ing” form

Syntax (sentence structure) & Other

If Clauses or Conditional Clauses
Passive Voice
Question Forms or Interrogative Forms
Question Tags or Tag Questions
Question Tags, Prefixes, and Medical Terms
Reported Speech – part 1
Reported Speech – part 2
Rhetorical Questions
Word Classes
Make or Do: Collocations
Subject & Object
There is / There are

Conjunctions & Prepositions

For or Since
Like or As?

Prepositions of Movement
Prepositions of Place – in, at, on
Prepositions of Place – part 2
Prepositions of Time – part 1 (in, at, on)
Prepositions of Time – part 2

Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives and Adverbs
Adjectives + Preposition
Adjectives: Characteristics
Adverbs: Forms

Also / So / Too / Either / Neither: when to use them
Comparatives and Superlatives (Adjectives)
Countable v Uncountable Nouns
Just / Yet / Still / Already: when to use them
Linking Words
Used to / Usually / to be Used to / to Use

Determiners, Articles, and Pronouns

Articles: Definite & Indefinite
Demonstrative: Pronouns & Adjectives
Indefinite Pronouns: something, anything, somewhere, nothing, nobody…
Interrogative Pronouns: Question Words
Personal Pronouns: Subject & Object
Personal Pronouns Review: Subject, object, reflexive
Possessive pronouns & Possessive determiners (1)
Possessive pronouns & Possessive determiners (2)
Impersonal Pronoun “it”
Relative Pronouns & Relative Clauses
Some / Any Quantifiers
Too or Enough: when to use them

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