Adjectives Characteristics

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Objectives of today’s lesson

In this lesson, Learn English with Julia presents to you “Adjectives Characteristics”, in order to:

  • see an adjectives list
  • practise with adjectives worksheets
  • identify the different types of adjectives
  • see more adjective examples in sentences

Video Script

Hello and welcome to this video dedicated to adjectives!

Let’s see the different characteristics that are described by adjectives.

#1 When we have an adjective of quality, it’s going to show us the nature of the noun, it’s going to describe its nature. For example, KIND, IMAGINARY, BRAINY, LOVELY, JOLLY…

#2 We also have adjectives of quantity. Those who show a relative amount or a whole amount. For instance, GREAT, HALF, ALL…

#3 Then we have adjectives of number. There are two types here.
There are cardinal numbers: When you learn to count (one, two, three, four …) that’s what you learn. ONE, FOUR, THIRTY… are examples of cardinal numbers.
And we also have ordinal numbers which they are those that show order. So if we want to classify something, we use ordinal numbers: FIRST, TENTH, Fortieth… So they show us place and order. The main difficulty with ordinal numbers comes with the pronunciation of these words. So I recommend you watch the video of ordinal numbers, which is in the phonetics section of our website (“”).

#4 Fourth section / fourth characteristic: the demonstrative adjectives. Now be careful because these are not demonstrative pronouns. They have to work with a noun, so they are also called demonstrative determiners. So they show us something. They are pointing at something. This, these, that, those: they are demonstrative adjectives.

#5 And finally, we have interrogative adjectives which are also commonly known as question words. So they help us create questions: where, what, which, whose

That’s all for today!

Thank you for watching!

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Keywords listed in English:

  • adjective of quality
  • adjective of quantity
  • adjective of number (ordinal and cardinal)
  • demonstrative adjectives (demonstrative determiners)
  • interrogative adjectives

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  1. Remember that adjectives can modify as well as describe other words, and you’ll find it much easier to identify different types of adjectives when you see them.

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