Adverbs Forms

Objectives of today’s lesson:

In this lesson, Learn English with Julia presents to you “Adverbs: Forms”, in order to:

  • learn the adverb forms list
  • further understand forming adverbs from adjectives
  • complete the adverbs exercises
  • start making more complex sentences

Video Script:

Hello and welcome to this video!

Let’s look at some adverbs together.

They come in different forms and they are used for different contexts.

So if we want to express the manner. Here are some examples of adverbs: carefully, eagerly, fast, well…

Some adverbs of place: abroad, here, nowhere, upstairs… You might recognise this word here: “nowhere” from the indefinite pronouns video. So it’s also an adverb of place.

Adverbs of purpose: so, since, intentionally, accidentally…

Adverbs of frequency: always, often, never, usually…

And finally some adverbs of time: already, finally, tomorrow, soon, etc

So two hints for you there in the classroom:

1/ Don’t overuse adverbs: you might make your sentences too wordy, too heavy, or maybe not clear enough…
2/ And finally don’t confuse adverbs and adjectives. So don’t be tempted to say, for example: She did good in her exam… instead of: she did well in her exam. Or it was real expensive… instead of: It was really expensive.

So watch out for those mistakes!

Thanks for watching!

Grammar Quiz:

Keywords listed in English:

  • adverbs of manner
  • adverbs of place
  • adverbs of purpose
  • adverbs of frequency
  • adverbs of time

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