Prepositions of movement


Objectives of today’s lesson:

In this lesson, Learn English with Julia presents to you “Prepositions of Movement or Prepositions of Direction”, in order for you to be able to answer the following questions:

  • what are the prepositions of direction?
  • what are prepositions of movement?
  • what are the prepositions of time?
  • what is the meaning of preposition of direction?

Video Script

Hello and welcome to this video dedicated to prepositions of movement (prepositions of direction)!

You have most probably heard of “to” as a preposition of movement to go from A to B

Here are many more alternatives to indicate a change of place or a direction.

So in blue we have our prepositions.
In purple we have the meaning.
In red we have an example
Let’s start!

“up” It means higher than, towards the sky. He ran up the hill.

“down” It means lower than, toward the ground. He went down the ladder.

“round” and “around” They are the same. They mean that something is in the vicinity or on every side. Round the block.

“through” and “across” are the same. They mean that something goes from one side to another. She drove through traffic or across traffic.

“along” means more or less on a horizontal line or at least in a constant direction. along the beach

“past” means that something has gone by somewhere or something. past the traffic lights

“out of” means from or from a source. out of my sight

“toward” or “towards” is the same as towards. You can add an “-S” if you prefer. It means that something is going in the direction of something else. toward or towards the finishing line

“into” and “in to” are two words together or separated. They mean that something is entering an enclosed area, an enclosed space or resulting in being surrounded. “into the den” is our example.

“away from” means to or at a distance from something. For example: away from the noise

Don’t forget to watch the other videos we have on prepositions of place.
And thanks again for watching!


Grammar Quiz:


Keywords listed in English:

  • prepositions of direction / prepositions of movement
  • prepositions of place / prepositions of location
  • up
  • down
  • round / around
  • through / across
  • along
  • past
  • out of
  • toward / towards
  • into / in to
  • away from

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