Verbs + Infinitive + “to” or “-ing” form



Objectives of today’s lesson:

In this lesson, Learn English with Julia presents to you “Verbs + Infinitive + “to” or “-ing” form”, in order for you to:

  • memorise the list of Verbs + Infinitive + “to” or “-ing” form
  • know the verb + ing rules
  • learn the ing verbs list
  • know how to use to + v ing


Video Script:

hello and welcome to this video dedicated to the verbs that can be followed by the ing form and the complete infinitive

so here we have this symbol it means that they have the same meaning, that the ing form and the complete infinitive are interchangeable

they mean the same in this sentence

now if you have this symbol it means that you can use both the ing form and the complete infinitive

but both sentences don’t have the same meaning, they have a different meaning, okay?

these verbs are not as numerous as other verbs that we’ve seen followed by the bare infinitive or just the complete infinitive or just the ing form

So they should be quite easy to remember: you just have to watch out for those that have two meanings.

So let’s run through the examples to illustrate the point

He continued working despite the drill.

He continued to work despite the drill.

it means the same

He likes getting up early

He likes to get up early.

Same meaning.

These two sentences are slightly different in meaning.

He remembered locking the door.

That means that he has this memory, he remembered locking the door.

However: he remembered to lock the door.

This means that he was aware before leaving then he had to do something and he did it, he locked the door.

So slightly different meanings there.

The rest of the list, let’s read it together for good pronunciation.

to advise – now watch out
for the spelling here

advice with a -C is the noun

He gave me advice. He gave me some advice.

to advise is with an -S

to begin, to regret, to start,

to try, to hate, to love, to forget,

to prefer, and so on.

Those are the verbs that you’ll see followed by the -ing form and the complete infinitive.

Thanks for watching!


Keywords listed in English:

  • Verbs + Infinitive + “to” or “-ing” form
  • verbs + ing form
  • verbs + infinitive with to

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