Verbs + (pro)noun + Infinitive with “to”


Objectives of today’s lesson:

In this lesson, Learn English with Julia presents to you “Verbs + (pro)noun + Infinitive with “to””, in order for you to:

  • avoid common mistakes
  • recognise a verb followed by infinitive
  • complete some verb + infinitive exercises
  • differentiate between verbs followed by gerunds


Video Script:

hello and welcome to this video!

let’s discover the verbs that are systematically followed by a pronoun or noun and a complete infinitive (an infinitive with “to”)

now this is the only combination that works with the verbs here that are in purple and those here above in red

we can’t remove the pronoun or the noun or change this for a bare infinitive or a gerund or -ing form

It doesn’t work, okay?

So let’s look at some examples:

ADVISE: They advised them (them = pronoun) to turn back

(to turn back = infinitive or complete infinitive)

They advised them to turn back.

ALLOW: They allowed us to join them.

Here once again a pronoun followed by a complete infinitive.

They allowed us to join them.

CHALLENGE: They challenged the kids to run faster.

We have a noun or a noun group because we also have a determiner here followed by a complete infinitive and so on.

In this case an adverb, and the rest of your sentence.

They challenged the kids to run faster.

CONVINCE: They convinced their parents to drive them there.

CONVINCED followed by a noun group and a complete infinitive (to drive)

ENCOURAGE: they encouraged the patient (a noun group) to follow (infinitive) the treatment.

They encouraged the patient to follow the treatment.

HIRE: They hired the detective (we have a noun group) to trail (complete infinitive) him.

REMIND: They reminded their students (noun group) to study (complete infinitive) for the exam.

TEACH: They taught him (pronoun) to pronounce (complete infinitive) it correctly (the rest of my sentence).

Those are a few examples.

The rest of the verbs I’ll read out for you for pronunciation:

to ask, to beg, to cause, to dare,

to expect, to forbid, to force,

to instruct, to invite, to need, to order,

to permit, to persuade, to require,

to tell, to urge, to want.

Now it’s time for some practice!

I’ll see you soon!

Thanks for watching!


Keywords listed in English:

  • verbs + pronoun + infinitive with to
  • verbs + noun + infinitive with to
  • complete or full infinitive

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