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Consonant Sounds (24)

Short Vowel Sounds

Introduction to the Phonemic Chart


What is the IPA? It is the International Phonetic Alphabet and contains letters and symbols. Once you have watched all these videos, you will be able to answer the following question: what is the phonetic spelling of a word?


Through this course you will learn to recognise and use symbols and sounds of the international phonetic alphabet. These phonetic symbols are present in the dictionary. You will learn how to use phonetic symbols with examples, familiarising yourself with the IPA alphabet and the IPA symbols chart, or phonemic chart.


You can also download the Phonemic Chart here.

Long Vowel Sounds

Gliding Vowel Sounds - Diphthongs

Speech Tips

Interested in

– memorising English vocabulary better
– being understood when speaking English
– and being confident when using the English language

Hello and welcome to this course entitled “The Key to English Pronunciation”.

Interested in:
– memorising English vocabulary better?
– being understood when speaking English?
– and being confident when using the English language?

My name is Julia. I am British and speak a number of languages fluently. I have now been teaching languages and coaching language instructors for over 10 years. I have also run language schools across Europe and I have written approximately 50 language courses.

Having sat on both sides of the table – as a learner and a teacher – I have noticed that very often language learners do not spend enough time on sounds and pronunciation, confusing accent reduction and comprehensible pronunciation. They rush into grammar and very soon realise that learning new vocabulary is harder than it should be.

If you feel that you are stuck (whether as a beginner, intermediate or more advanced student, let me help you). If you are struggling to learn English or to get to the next level, the reason is simple: you must now focus on sounds and enunciation. Even native English speakers have elocution lessons, and I’m not just talking about actors and public figures!

With this English pronunciation course I will give you the tools and opportunity to pronounce correctly and confidently.

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