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Objectives of today’s lesson
Video Script
Key Words
Objectives of today’s lesson

In this lesson, Learn English with Julia presents to you “Punctuation”, in order for you to:

  • recognise English punctuation marks
  • see punctuation examples
  • know the name for marks used in writing

Video Script

Hi guys! Welcome to this video on punctuation.
Now we’re going to be reviewing all these marks together. They are very important because they separate elements of the sentence and they also separate sentences.
So let’s have a quick review – because we never know if you’re doing a listening exam and they say “comma” or “semicolon” and you don’t know what it is it may be very confusing and stressful. Also a quick review is very useful because you can use it directly in your writing. So I have my little list here which will also appear beside me so as to not forget any punctuation marks.

Let’s start off with the apostrophe.
Then we have BRACKETS.
We have the COLON.
You have the COMMA: careful here with the spelling of “comma” (double “M”).
We have the DASH.
We have the ELLIPSIS.
This is very familiar: the FULLSTOP (or the PERIOD).
The HYPHEN or the MINUS SIGN: this is very important especially for URLs and numbers…
An easy one here: QUESTION MARKS.
Another easy one: QUOTATION MARKS.
And finally the SLASH or the STROKE.
And to finish: a bit of typography because we never know what you may come across in the listening exercises.
@ (at sign),
& (ampersand),
* (asterisk),
# (hash),
% (per cent).

Key Words

Key Words listed in English:

  • punctuation
  • punctuation marks
  • apostrophe

  • brackets

  • colon

  • comma

  • dash

  • ellipsis

  • exclamation mark

  • full stop or period

  • guillemets

  • hyphen or minus sign

  • question mark

  • quotation marks

  • semicolon

  • slash or stroke

  • typography

  • @ (at sign)

  • & (ampersand)

  • * (asterisk)

  • # (hash)

  • % (per cent)

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