Conditional Tenses

Objectives of today’s lesson:

In this lesson, Learn English with Julia presents to you “Conditionals”, in order for you to:

  • learn conditional sentences rules
  • see conditional sentences examples
  • complete conditional sentences  exercises
  • analyse conditional sentences examples type 1 2 3

Video Script:

Hello and welcome to this brief video on the conditionals.

1/ So the conditional simple:
When do we use this tense?
We tend to use it for something that might happen, something that is likely to happen.
I write the subject + Would + bare infinitive
So the auxiliary or modal verb and “learn”, the bare infinitive

2/ Then I have the conditional continuous or progressive conditional.
We use it in the same context as the simple conditional so for something that might happen, that is likely to happen. But there is a focus, an emphasis on the length, on the duration of this action.

Now we’re moving onto the second block: the perfect conditionals

3/ The conditional perfect simple: I would have learned
We use for something that might have happened, so in the past.
I would have learned: So just to remember the name: it’s a conditional perfect
So conditional > means I have “would” plus a bare infinitive and perfect > means that I have a past participle.

4/ And then I have the perfect continuous, the conditional perfect continuous.
We use it in the same context as the conditional perfect simple with an emphasis on the duration. So something that might have happened and we’re focusing on the course of that action.

Grammar Quiz:

Keywords listed in English:

  • conditional simple
  • conditional continuous
  • conditional perfect simple
  • conditional perfect continuous

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