Job Interview Tips Part 5 Career goals Learn English with Julia

Job Interview Preparation Questions – 5 Career Goals

Here are some Job Interview preparation questions each followed by useful vocabulary.

Job Interview Preparation Questions and practical Vocabulary


What are your medium to long-term career goals?

What kind of job do you see yourself holding five years from now?

What makes you confident that you will succeed in such a role/job?

What is likely to make you leave this position?

What do you think you need to develop or achieve, in terms of skill and knowledge, to be prepared for this (future opportunity)?

a career plan, to reach a career goal, a step-by-step plan of action, strategy, method
This objective will be achieved by…, an aim, a goal, aspirations
short term, medium term, long term
stepping-stone goals = goals that can/will assist you in reaching your ultimate career goal (realistic stages which allow for adjustments too)
my ultimate goal, my ideal results
attainable, achievable, realisable
to achieve this by effort
to set, to reach, to achieve a target, an aim, a vision

Your Checklist:

  • Draw up a plan of action for your short, medium, and long-term career objectives
  • Describe how you have developed skills and knowledge to get to where you are now

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