Job Interview Tips Part 3 Job performance Learn English with Julia

Job Interview Preparation Questions – 3 Job Performance

Here are some Job Interview preparation questions each followed by useful vocabulary.

Job Interview Preparation Questions and practical Vocabulary


Describe your strong points/strengths for this job.

What would you say your weaknesses/areas that need improving are?

What do you enjoy more: working alone or in a team?

What kind of people do you find more difficult to work with? Provide reasons and examples.

What are the things you would prefer to avoid in a job? Why?

Describe the kind of pressures you encountered in your previous job. And any others in previous jobs?

Tell me about things you specifically enjoyed in your last job.

a skill that I have honed…
a habit that I have developed…
Focusing on…
My technical skills comprise / include…
The way I manage and conquer this weakness…
Work-related strengths include…
Experience that can speak the value of my strength is…
Weaknesses and strengths

Examples of weaknesses:

  • logical thinker,
  • analytic thinker BUT work too hard,
  • a perfectionist,
  • over prepared,
  • meet every deadline…  

Examples of strengths:

  • excellent communicator,
  • flexible,
  • creative,
  • innovative thinker,
  • pragmatic,
  • great with people,
  • reliable,
  • honest,
  • disciplined,
  • enthusiastic,
  • respectful,
  • dedicated,
  • versatile…

Your Checklist:

  • Find more adjectives and nouns to describe your strengths
  • List more vocabulary to talk about your weaknesses

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