Job Interview Tips Part 10 Stability and Flexibility Learn English with Julia

Job Interview Preparation Questions – 10 Stability, Flexibility & Stress Tolerance

Here are some Job Interview preparation questions each followed by practical vocabulary.

Job Interview Preparation Questions and key Vocabulary


Describe your most noteworthy success & failure in the last three years.
What do you enjoy doing best?
What do you enjoy doing least?
What in your last review did your manager suggest required improvement?
What have you done to meet these requirements?
What was the most significant idea or suggestion you received lately from your superiors? What ensued / occurred as a result?
What is your opinion on the continuous changes in company operating policies & procedures?
How successful has your company been in adapting its policies to fit a changing environment?
What was the most notable change made in your company in the last twelve months, which directly affected you, and how successfully do you think you implemented this change?
Do you feel pressure in your job? Explain.
What has been the highest-pressure situation you have been under in recent years? How did you manage it?

significant, notable, noteworthy, of consequence
unimportant, of no importance, of little import
continuous, continual, uninterrupted, unremitting
strain, stress, pressure, adversity, difficulty
flexible, adaptable, adjustable, open to change, changeable
uncompromising, unbending, single-minded

Your Checklist:

  • Describe stressful situations and how you manage them
  • Prepare specific vocabulary to describe stability and flexibility at work

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